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Flynn Pilates

Encinitas, California
Christina Flynn, BASI Pilates Teacher and Post-Rehab Pilates Specialist

About Flynn Pilates

Christina Flynn, owner and founder of Flynn Pilates, is a certified Pilates Method Professional with many years of experience helping bodies of all ages, shapes and abilities. Christina specializes in working with post-rehab clients, older adults, Pilates for chronic diseases, Pilates for equestrians, and Pilates for men. Flynn Pilates specializes in serving clients in Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, Olivenhain, Del Mar, and the greater North County San Diego area.


Christina is a certified Pilates teacher through Body Arts and Science International (BASI Pilates). During her training she had the privilege to be taught directly by BASI founder Rael Isacowitz, a world-renowned teacher in the practice of Pilates. Christina continues private sessions with Rael throughout the year to brush up on her teaching and practice.


Christina is also Pilates Method Alliance Certified and holds a certificate in BASI’s advanced education courses: Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies, Pilates for Chronic Pain Syndromes, Pilates for Athletes from a Physio Perspective (taught by Samantha Wood, MPT), Pilates for Scoliosis, Pilates for Men, and Pilates for the Mature Client. Christina believes that as a teacher she is forever a student and can never stop learning. Education is extremely important to Christina and she continues to take Pilates and Anatomy workshops and courses. 

Christina has a unique ability to relate to clients because of her own situation. At only 19 years old she was diagnosed with, and nearly crippled by Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Not only was she told that this autoimmune disease was incurable, she was also told to give up many of the physical activities that she enjoyed to avoid further damaging her joints. After researching many exercise methods to strengthen her joints and the outlook of her diagnosis, Christina became a Pilates Method client, which allowed her to gain strength and maintain flexibility without negatively impacting her joints. It was this positive experience which led Christina to become certified in Pilates to teach and help others. 


Christina will give you an experience that will be tailored to your unique body and goals. 



 ·Body Arts and Science International (BASI Pilates)

 ·Pilates Method Alliance Certified


·BASI Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies (taught by Samantha Wood, MPT)

·Pilates for Chronic Pain Syndromes (taught by Samantha Wood, MPT)

·Pilates for Athletes from a Physio Perspective (taught by Samantha Wood, MPT)

·Pilates for the Mature Client

·Pilates for Scoliosis 

·Pilates for Men

·Pilates Modifications and Assists 

·BASI Mentor Program (Taught by Rael Isacowitz)


·Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle Coach

Private Sessions & Group Classes

Group and private sessions available Monday through Friday

Reformer Group Class Schedule:

Mondays: 8:30am, 9:30am, 5:30pm

Fridays: 8:30am, 9:30am

To Schedule a Private or Group Class call (858) 228-0087 or e-mail

"My back was killing me to the extent that I was too afraid to run for fear of the pain afterward. Now, my back pain is more of an after thought. My running stride is much looser and I'm back to enoying my 6 mile runs. It's amazing how Christina knows each muscle you are using and pushes you just the right amount. No chance to get bored. Christina keeps mixing it up and before you know it, the hour is up!"

Alex Rodarte, Client

"I love Flynn Pilates! Christina gives you so much attention and makes sure that you are doing all of the movements correctly, focusing on the right muscles, and not forgetting anything. You are completely supervised in every movement, which is the whole point of having an instructor. And she constantly tells you what you should be thinking about - stomach, shoulders, etc. It is incredibly helpful and you feel very cared for! She is very professional, kind, and fun. She completely tailors the workout to the individual - my ankle was injured and she shaped the workout so it didn't hurt at all. I love taking classes at Flynn Pilates and highly recommend them to anyone - experienced in pilates or not. Definitely 5 stars!"

Samantha C, Client

"Christina's understanding, articulation, and knowledge of the Pilates Method make her an outstanding guide and trainer. She thoughtfully prepares and tailors every session to meet my workout needs and goals, and she always delvers excellence with professionalism and joy. She is truly a delight to train with...I am thoroughly impressed with her abilities and dedication."

Annie Parsons, Client

"Love Christina she is so patient and gentle!! I have never felt so good learning a new exercise!!! I have a bad neck and back and feel terrific after!!! Thanks"

Stephanie T, Client

Get In Touch

Flynn Pilates

2210 Encinitas Blvd Suite I

Encinitas, CA 92024

(858) 228-0087

Note: Flynn Pilates shares its studio space with Pilates & Beyond Studio

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